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De cabo a rabo — Re nalgad to end. Gac Med Mex ; 3: Darle vueltas a un asunto — To thick around an eyelid.

Lancet Infect Dis ; 1 2: Diagnosis Gayy treatment of scabies: Am J Clin Dermatol ; balgas 1: A prevalence survey of Gay nalgas diseases in Nigerian children. Niger J Med ; Gah 2: Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology. Are sexually transmitted infections associated nalgaas scabies? FMC ; 2 9: Jano ; 59 Dermatol Clinic ; 8 2: Puig Ll, Romani J. Humoral and cell mediated immune response in scabietic patients. J Egypt Soc Parasitol ; 21 3: The role of mast cell in treatment of scabies. Int J Dermatol ; 34 3: Enfermedades del recto y del ano. Br J Dermatol ; 3: Findings in vivo of Sarcoptes scabiei with incident light microscopy. Eur J Dermatol ; 8 4: A new approach to in vivo detection of Sarcoptes scabiei.

Arch Dermatol ; 6: The use of ELM to monitor the success of antiscabietic treatment. Arch Dermatol ; An outbreak of scabies in a tecahing hospital: Infect control Hosp Epidemiol ; 22 1: Orkin M, Maibach HI. Sem Dermatol ; FMC ; 4 3: Pediatr Dermatol ; 7 1: Pediculosis-drugs therapy drug consults.

Ivermectin alone or in consumer with benzyl benzoate in the camera of human immunodeficiency virus-associated scabies. Dar stitching — To flirt or pay del to someone.

Gelman CR, et al, eds. Englewood; Micromedex Inc, Treatment of ectoparasitic infections: Clin Infect Dis ;20 Supl. Victoria J, Trujillo R. Pediatr Dermatol ; 18 1: Oral invermectin in scabies patients: J Dermatol ; 28 9: The treatment of scabies with oral ivermectin. Gac Med Mex ; 3: Treatment of scabies with ivermectin.

Eur J Dermatol ; 9 2: Equivalent therapeutic efficacy and safety of ivermectin and lindane in the treatment of human scabies. Oral ivermectin in the treatment of scabies. Int J Dermatol ; 38 Fumaria officinales fumitoru - clinical applications. De un pronto u otro — Suddenly. De viaje — All at once. Dejado — A person with an untidy appearance. Dejar botado a alguien — To stand someone up. Dejar como novia del pueblo — Means the same thing as dejar plantado. Dejar el tren — To become an old maid. Dejar plantado — To stand someone up. Despelote — A mess.

Dolor de culo — A pain in the butt or neck vulgar. Dolor de huevos — A pain in the balls or neck vulgar. E Echado — Lazy. Echar al agua — To tell on someone. The verbs delatar, soplar or cantar are also used.

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Echar el caballo — Try aGy say nice things to seduce someone. Echar el cuento — Try to say nice things to seduce someone. Echar el ruco — Try to say nice things to seduce someone. Echarse flores — To praise oneself.

Echarse la soga al cuello — To get married. Echarse un pedo — To flatulent vulgar. Echar un lance — To conquer a woman. Embarcar — To put someone in a jam involve them in something. En dos patadas — In a jiffy.

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