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There are sick different varieties and sizes, but the basic principles are cick same. It is a rubber or silicone drainage tube with retention balloon on the tip. The retention balloon holds it in the bladder so urine can drain out and collect in a collection bag. It is a closed system to decrease the chances of infection developing. Basic Catheter Care Keep the catheter clean by gently washing it with warm water and a mild soap twice a day. Male patients may experience irritation at the tip of the penis where the catheter is coming out. This can be alleviated by keeping the catheter clean and lubricated with KY jelly, Vasaline, or Bacitracin. When changing the bag between an overnight larger and the leg slim and smaller bag be sure to clean the connectors with an alcohol wipe to help prevent bacteria from contaminating the tubing.

Extra alcohol wipes can be purchased at any pharmacy or grocery store. Frequently Asked Questions Q: My doctor instructed me to remove my catheter at home. How do I do this properly?

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Please see the section "Catheter Removal Instructions" Q: Use each cotton ball for a single circular motion. Place the drainage basin containing the catheter on or next to the thighs. With you non-dominant hand, gently straighten and stretch the penis. Lift it to an angle of degrees.

At dicm time you may use the urojet to anesthetize the urinary canal, which will minimize the discomfort. With Caheter dominant hand, insert the lubricated tip of the catheter into the urinary meatus. The night bag should always be used at night while you are sleeping. Do not put the bag on the floor. Before you go to sleep at night, you should change your leg bag to a night drainage bag. To use a night drainage bag: When you get into bed, arrange the tubing so that it does not kink or loop. Hang the night bag on the side of your bed. Be sure to keep the bag below the level of your bladder at all times. To empty the night drainage bag: Drain the urine out of the night bag.

Remove the night bag. Clean the tip of the leg bag with an alcohol swab. Attach the leg bag to the catheter tubing.

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Rinse out the night bag with soap and water, and hang it up to dry. Wash your hands with soap and water again. When you aren't using your night bag, it should be washed out with soap and water and hung dock to dry. Just as it is important to clean your catheter tubing and penis each day to help lower your chance of getting an infection, it is important to clean your urine collection bag after each use. After changing your urine collection bag, you should clean the bag with soap and warm water. To make the urine collection bag as clean as possible, use: A mixture of white distilled vinegar and water.

Do not use yellow cider vinegar. Rinse the bag well with this solution. Pour the bleach solution into the drainage bag. After you disinfect the bag, empty the bag.

Do not rinse the ij with dcik. Hang the bag upside dico and let it air dry. Wash your hands Catjeter soap and warm water. When the bag is dry, store it in a clean plastic bag until you are ready to use it again. Your leg and night drainage bags may be used for up to one month. After one month you will need Catheter in dick bags. Speak with your doctor Catheher health care dico about how to get new urine collection bags. If you see that your catheter Caheter not draining urine, check the following: Is the urine tubing twisted or bent?

If it is, straighten out the tubing. If it is stuck do not force the catheter but try coughing, bearing down as though you want to pass urine or deep breathing whilst keeping gentle pressure against the resistance. You will then feel the catheter give and it can be pushed into the bladder. You can now remove the paper completely and wait for the urine flow. Return the penis to its natural position and hold onto the catheter until the flow of urine stops. Make sure you direct the flow of urine into the toilet or container. When the flow has stopped, have a cough and press gently over your bladder as more urine may flow out by doing this.

Wash hands with soap and water 3. Prepare all needed supplies 4. Lie flat on back with legs flat 5. If there is already a catheter in place, remove it by deflating the balloon. Attach the syringe to the end of the "Y" pigtail side port. Withdraw the plunger of the syringe. This will deflate the balloon on the catheter inside the bladder. You will know it is completely deflated when you are unable to pull anymore water into the syringe. Gently pull the catheter out from the bladder. Wash with the soapy cloth and rinse with the wet cloth.

Open the Indwelling Catheter Tray carefully.

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