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Halloween (English Subtitled)

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I believe my husband was born with a stick up his ass but this month I was going to get him to go. I knew the type of woman he favored and had spotted a business associate of his who matched that type at business party we attended together. Her husband was eager to respond to my idea and I visited there home several times before the actual party.

Her petite size and youth as well Halloweeb a remarkable likeness to an actress in his favorite television series cinched the deal. Ewinger husband Joe would come dressed as a leathered biker boy not much of a reach. In his mask and costume my husband was consumed by the role he played and unrecognizable for whom he was. From the moment we arrived at the party he was drawn to Kathy. Her husband played the role of a lecherous pimp and she the demure innocent trapped in this unspeakable situation. Vincent rose to the occasion dancing every dance with her never leaving her side.

I appeared to help by drawing her husband off to keep him entertained. Vincent offered to take her home and she readily agreed. I had made sure there were no pockets in his costume so that he would have to return to our room for his wallet and keys before he could leave. Kathy deserved an Oscar for her performance clinging to Vincent all the way back to the room. Joe and I followed them back to the room at a discrete distance and were rewarded by the lustful sight of Kathy begging Vincent to allow her to show her gratitude as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse to expose her young, full ripe breasts to his horney gaze.

Vincent ever caught between his passion and his duty sank his head to her chest to suckle each breast as she implored him too.

Swinger 2005 Halloween

She shrieked at his touch cradling his head as his eager mouth paid homage to each nipple fanning the flames of her desire. She grasped his rock hard cock through the Cossacks thin fabric pulling him toward the bed as she implored him to sink it into her quivering snatch. She sat on the corner of the bed lifting the hem of his Cossack that she might lick his ball sack and cock enflaming his desire. She raised the hem of her own dress to expose her hairless pussy pleading with him to ease her pain by driving his cock into her. He eagerly complied driving his cock into her pussy.

He pounded his cock into her for over an hour, pausing only to change positions and remove articles of her clothing. He remained costumed and in character the entire time. She orgasmed twice before he finally came emptying one mighty load of jizz after another into her. I could not remember his ever have screwed me in such fashion. I engaged Kathy in a catfight, which began with scratching and hair tugging as she tore the costume from my body exposing my naked form. Threesomes can be quite pleasurable when two women fondle each other. Only another woman understands the areas to stroke softly and when to be firm.

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